Slim Type Barriers

on the M60, United kingdom

Temporary Application Slim Type Barriers


    All-rounder for applications up to H1

    Slim type barriers combine a small footprint with enhanced safety performance up to H1. The width of the barrier is crucial on site – nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that slim barriers also provide a minimum deflection in the event of impacts.

    • the all-rounder DB 65S does it all - from T1 to H1

    They are designed to deal with all the applications in the field of workzone protection.

    The most versatile "DB 50SL" & "DB 65S"

    The slim type barriers DB 50SL and DB 65S can be combined with other barrier types through transition units, allowing a smooth change between different barrier profiles and heights.

    • most flexible application from T1 to H1
    • compact dimensions
    • fast installation

    DB 65S datasheet  DB 50sl datasheet

    Fast and easy installation

    With the patented DELTABLOC® Coupling System, the barriers can be installed fast and easy. The fully symetrical DB 50SL and DB 65S always arrive on site in the correct position – installation is done in any direction independend of the traffic flow.

    No matter if installed at day or night shift - there are no surprises on site.