High-Containment Barriers

on the a2 Vienna, Austria

Temporary Application High-Containment Barriers

    High-Containment Barriers

    The best and safest choice in critical areas

    High-containment barriers are ideal for the protection of workzones or temporary hazards with increased heavy vehicle traffic. They are the best and safest choice in critical areas when rerouting traffic lanes and at the approach to construction sites.

    • use the DB 80 for H1 containment
    • use the DB 100 for highest containment H4a and H4b

    DELTABLOC® High-Containment Barriers are crash-tested free-standing without ground anchors or pins.

    The Flexible "DB series"

    for the heavy job on site

    The flexible DB series is the most versatile product group in the DELTABLOC® range. They are often used for permanent applications but unveil their true all-rounder nature when protecting workzones.

    • the flexible DB 80 - H1 | W4 | ASI B
    • the massive DB 100 - H4a & H4b | W6 | ASI B
    • the tall DB 120S - H4b | W5 | ASI B

    DB 80 datasheet   DB 100 datasheet   DB 120S datasheet

    Temporary protection in H4a & H4b

    Achieving small deflections at highest containment level impacts is truly the supreme discipline for flexible barrieres. For DELTABLOC® it is always the goal to develop the best performing barriers for your safety.

    The DB 100 is free standing - classified H4a & H4b | W6 | ASI B
    The DB 120S is free standing - classified H4b | W5 | ASI B