barriers for obstacle protection

Any obstacle on the verge must be integrated in the passive safety concept. Bridge piers, gantry sign foundations or noise barriers require the right protection for a safe roadside.

  • higher containment level
  • rigid or semi-rigid impact behaviour
  • minimum vehicle intrusion

DELTABLOC® Rigid and Semi-rigid Barries of the "DB series" are ideal to secure dangerous roadside hazards.

The rigid "DB 80AS-E"

containment H2 without deflection

The "DB 80AS-E" is ideal for narrowest space conditions. The barrier does not deflect even at an H2 impact. Its appropriateness for obstacle protection is proven with classification VI 1 - the best you can achieve in vehicle intrusion.

  • the rigid DB 80AS-E - H2 | W1 | ASI B
  • vehicle intrusion VI 1

 DB 80AS-E datasheet