barriers for narrow verges

Steel guardrails are typically used on roadsides as the required containment level is lower than in the median. But there are conditions when premium concrete barriers are first choice also on the roadside:

  • higher containment level
  • small working width
  • small vehicle intrusion

DELTABLOC® Roadside Barriers are designed to work with steel guardrails in a whole concept for the verge. Therefore tested transitions to steel barriers are an integral part.

The semi-rigid "DB 80F"

containment H2 on the roadside

The "DB 80F" is crash-tested on compacted gravel. Therefore this system is the first choice for a cost-efficient H2 roadside on narrow verges. The barrier is anchored with steel piles providing a very small working width.

  • the semi-rigid DB 80F - H2 | W3 | ASI B
  • crash-tested on compacted gravel

 DB 80F datasheet