on the ROAD 1, Iceland

Permanent application Roadside Barriers

    Roadside Barriers

    to secure narrow verges and Obstacles

    The right safety concept for the verge is essential in modern road design. Especially in narrow space conditions high-performance barriers are required. They also secure bridge piers and gantry bases. Noise barriers need to be close to the road and must be an integral part of the safety concept. Underpasses and drainage systems must be dealt with. Design your verge protection with the most versatile range of DELTABLOC® Roadside Barriers.

    • semi-rigid designs for narrow verges
    • rigid designs for obstacle protection
    • dedicated barriers for gantries and bridge piers
    • crash-tested transitions to steel guardrails

    When there is just not enough room

    DELTABLOC® Roadside Barriers show their true performance when there is just no room for standard solutions. Minimum or no deflection, excellent impact behaviour and designed to work on compacted gravel - this is what we can offer.

    DB 80F - H2 | W3 | ASI B for narrow verges
    DB 80AS-E - H2 | W1 | ASI B & VI1 for obstacle protection