DB Precast Median

The DELTABLOC® DB series provides a wide range of precast barrier types to fit all needs in modern road design. They are developed to cover all performance requirements in the central reservation according to EN 1317.

  • DB 80 series for H2 medians
  • DB 100 series for H2 & H4b medians
  • DB 120 series for H4b medians

All barriers of the DB series can be combined and connected with each other to provide seamless security for the central reservation.

The multipurpose "DB 80 series"

dedicated for H2 Medians

The DB 80 series is the most versatile product group in the DELTABLOC® precast range. Different design and installation concepts of the DB 80 series allow the the full spectrum of applications on motorways for containment level H2.

  • the flexible DB 80 - H2 | W5 | ASI B
  • the semi-rigid DB 80F - H2 | W3 | ASI B
  • the rigid DB 80E - H2 | W1 | ASI B

DB 80 datasheet   DB 80F datasheet   DB 80E datasheet

The robust "DB 100 series"

up to Highest contaiment H4b

For higher containment levels, the massive DB 100 series is ideal. Providing containment H2 and H4b, this barrier type secures heavy-traffic routes in single-row and two-row applications.

  • the slim DB 100S in single and double-row - H2 | W5 | ASI A & H4b | W7 | ASI A
  • the massive DB 100 in 2, 4 and 6m - H4b | W6 | ASI B

DB 100S datasheet   DB 100 datasheet  

The tall "DB 120 series"

with W5 the reference in H4b

Within the group of free-standing precast concrete barries the DB 120S sets the standard in impact deflection. Classified in W5 this barrier allows narrow medians even at containment H4b.

  • maximum restraint protection H4b
  • low working width W5
  • effective anti-glaring

DB 120S datasheet