Project & Rental Service

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Noise Barriers Project & Rental Service

    Project & Rental Service

    5 Subsidiaries, 37 License Partners, Rental & Sale

    We offer a complete service for our integrated noise protection systems - including rental services, logistics and permanent installation.

    • rental and sale of DB LSW integrated noise barriers
    • professional "just in time" logistics
    • fast installation day and night

    Getting all these services from a single, trusted source means you can be sure that your project will be done to the highest standard.



    Experience & Know-how

    With our extensive expertise in the areas of road safety and noise protection we developed an award winning innovation. Our integrated noise barrier holds back heavy trucks and absorbs sound up to A5.

    high quality raw materials

    We only allow high quality raw materials to gain the optimum results in traffic safety and noise protection. We process premium wood and use durable concrete to manufacture our DB LSW series.

    Professional Logistics

    We have years of logistics expertise and this enables us to implement your project with speed and reliability, even with wall heights up to 4 metres and higher.

    Fast Installation

    Our specially equipped, highly experienced teams will install your barriers and wall systems swiftly and safely.

    We plan and install for you

    In noise protection projects the planning phase is crucial. Accoustic simulation, architectural design and static estimations are essential. The DELTABLOC® engineering team supports planers and architects for a successful project.

    wind load calculations - wall heigths up to 6m already realized
    architectural aspects - we offer numerous shapes and colours 
    accoustic absorbtion - noise protection up to class A5



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