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Noise Barriers DB LSW Technology

    DB LSW Technology

    Combining Noise Protection and Safety Barriers

    Vehicle restraint systems and noise barrier walls normally are considered separately. Therefore more space is required and the efficiency of noise reduction is reduced. DELTABLOC® has shown that compromises are no longer necessary and combines those two systems to one CE-certified solution, the DB LSW series.

       Our pioneering approach was awarded with the French SETRA Innovation Award

    The integrated noise barrier DB LSW is designed as a free-standing, T-shaped wall element, with the New Jersey profiled safety barriers sitting on its traffic-facing footplate.

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    Saving lives, money and time 

    It is not only the barrier we develop, for DELTABLOC® it is the holistic solution. Saving money and time is on our task list - right after saving lives.

    • tested for H2 and H4b
    • free-standing, no need for expensive foundations
    • space-saving installation due to narrow working width
    • increased effectiveness by positioning close to the noise source
    • fast and easy to install 

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