EP Barriers

The EP series was designed to meet the requirements of modern highway designs. Especially the central reservation follows many different design philosophies. No matter if a narrow single-row installation is required or if the carriageways show different elevations, there is a solution within the EP series: 3 core systems, variable height and width, new construciton joint solutions.

  • EP 80B-E embedded in asphalt
  • EP 80Ba surface-mounted on asphalt
  • EP 80Bs surface-mounted on gravel

EP 80B-E

rigid - embedded in asphalt

The EP 80B-E is ideal for direct placement on the bituminous sublayer. The binder course can be paved to the side face of the barrier in the last construction step. The system reacts rigid on impacts for minimum life cycle costs.

  • H2 | W2 | ASI B
  • CE certified
EP 80Ba

rigid - surface-mounted on asphalt

Modern highway construction and refurbishment methods often require a surface-mounted concrete barrier. The EP 80Ba convinces with a solid and stable design which exceeds common durability requirements.

  • H2  | W2 | ASI B
  • CE certified
EP 80Bs

Semi-rigid - surface-mounted on gravel

The EP 80Bs is the most economic barrier within the EP series. There is no need for a costly foundation or ground preparation. Especially for two-row installations and verges the EP 80Bs is the ideal solution.

  • H2 | W3 | ASI B
  • CE certified


3 core Systems
numerous solutions

On basis of the crash tested core systems the EP series offers an extended field of CE certified applications. Enhanced production methods enable variable adjustments in height and width.

VARIABLE HEIGHT for superelevated carriageways
VARIABLE WIDTH for the integration of light poles