DELTABLOC® takes full responsibility and provides tested and certified components according to EN 1317. With the CE certification we guarantee that all test-relevant parts satisfy the most stringent requirements. In this way we can ensure that a DELTABLOC® safety barrier does its job on every highway in the world – no matter where it is produced.

Test-relevant components

The patented DELTABLOC® barrier components such as the coupling systems for precast barriers and the coated strands for in-situ barriers are manufactured from premium materials with high-quality processing. Materials are continuously tested by independent laboratories – production procedures are regularly supervised by quality audits.

Each component is traceable from the raw material to its final application.

Product certification

The vehicle restraint system must demonstrate that it meets EN 1317 by means of a positive crash test which has to be conducted by a chartered audit institute. DELTABLOC® takes the responsibility to crash test only at the most reputable test houses. The responsibility for traffic safety must not allow leeway in the interpretation of test results, standards and directives.

We choose the most critical test houses for our certification.

Factory certification

The CE certification of production facilities is an essential part of the DELTABLOC® quality system. On top of the continuous internal quality inspections, the external factory production control (FPC) is performed, assessed and approved on an annual basis.

Internal and external quality control creates utmost reliability.