Rigid barriers

When reliable breakthrough prevention is required at narrow space conditions, the rigid DELTABLOC® safety barrier is the first choice. Modern embedding methods ensure rigid impact behaviour without any displacement up to containment level H2.

  • no maintenance
  • ideal for narrow single-row medians
  • ideal for securing obstacles
  • rigid impact behaviour at working width W1
  • symmetrical and asymmetrical barrier designs
  • designed for the DB "2-in-1" method

Although the DELTABLOC® rigid safety barrier does not deflect at an impact, it still provides passenger protection at class ASI B. The enhanced DELTABLOC® profile geometry and barrier design was brought to perfection in a series of crash tests – for the safety of the road user.

For the median and the verge
H2 | W1 | ASI B

Embedded and rigid without any compromise in passenger safety!

DB 80E symmetrical median barrier
DB 80AS-E asymmetrical roadside barrier