Crash-Tested Repair Method

Joints & Repair Method

In many cases in-situ concrete barriers need to be repaired, extended or connected to existing objects. The EP 80 series offers patented joint solutions to safely eliminate all those weak points. DELTABLOC® was the first provider of an EN 1317 tested joint and repair method with containment level H2.

  • EP-EOS end-of-shift joint
  • EP-CJO construction joint to objects
  • EP-REP repair method


End-of-Shift Joint

In-situ concrete safety barriers require "end-of-shift" construction joints every 200 to 400m. DELTABLOC® overcomes this weak point with the introduction of the reinforced joint solution EP-EOS. It ensures reliable breakthrough protection at containment level H2 – tested according to EN 1317.

The EP 80 series is the first in-situ concrete barrier with crash tested “end-of-shift joints”.


Construction Joint to Objects

In many cases in-situ concrete barriers need to be connected to existing objects such as tunnel portals or foundations for gantries and signs.

The EP-CJO safely connects the EP 80 series to rigid objects.


Repair Method

After any repair work the restored safety barrier must again ensure the full safety performance as originally tested. DELTABLOC® was the first provider of a crash tested repair method.

The EP-REP ensures that the barrier provides full safety performance even after significant repair works.

All weak points eliminated

patented reliability on cold joints

DELTABLOC® sets the safety standard with a holistic view on the whole production process.

no improvisation on site 
no delays by trial and error
safe procedures