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EUPAVE Best Practice - Joints in concrete safety barriers

On 17 February 2016, the European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE) held the second workshop in the series of "Best Practices in Concrete Pavements” in Brussels. This time, the subject was "Joints in Concrete Pavements”.

In this context, Thomas Edl presented the role of joints in concrete safety barriers to the expert audience.

A well-known weakness of the out-dated but still applied in-situ concrete technology is the safety performance of the barriers, exactly at those positions where construction joints are inevitable and its importance undervalued by daily routines of installation:

EOS.png" border="0End-of-shift joints every two to four hundred metres of insallation
CJO.png" border="0Construction joints to existing objects and
REP.png" border="0Repair works in case of impacts to restore the original functionality

Focusing on safety performance and passenger protection, DELTABLOC® developed couplings for seamless and safe strand connections. The new EP 80 series comes with reliable breakthrough protection even at these weak points:

EN 1317 crash-tested construction joints for maximum safety!

Please contact us for further information about the EP 80 series and its unique features

  • EPF epoxy croated and filled steel strands for ultimate durability
  • Crash-tested with crack inducer joints AND strand connections
  • Tested system transitions for all applications

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