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DELTABLOC® In-Situ Concrete Barriers are fully CE Marked

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The European Commission states in their official letter 011214 in December 2014 that in-situ concrete road barriers are subject to EN 1317-5:

"... in situ concrete barriers must be CE marked on the basis of the standard EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012 ..."

DELTABLOC® is prepared for the European Commission's directive and thereby has already certified its whole in-situ product range according to the relevant standard.

Managing Director Dr. techn. Thomas Edl says: "It was quite challenging to fulfil especially the more comprehensive regulations of the 2012 version of the EN 1317-5. We see the European Commission’s decision as measure to raise the safety standard – this shall stop the inadequate and misleading use of outdated crash test reports.”

The full range of DELTABLOC® in-situ safety barriers guarantees full compliance with the 2012-version of EN 1317-5 and holds EC Certificates of Conformity.

Product specifications and requirements as indicated on the CE marked DELTABLOC® safety barriers guarantee quality throughout Europe by:

  • Strict control of material design
  • Traceable quality by strict control of raw materials and components
  • Strict control of testing criteria
  • Strict control of tolerances
  • Third party audited production control

DELTABLOC® Safety Barriers -
We take the responsibility that our products are tested and certified,
guaranteeing quality & safety throughout Europe

DELTABLOC® cast in-situ barriers can only be installed by Licensed Installers who have been pre-qualified and approved by DELTA BLOC UK. Our Licensees must comply with our pre-qualification tests and checks to receive a licence and subsequently each Licensee is independently audited on a continuous basis including auditing for CE marking.

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EC Certificate of constancy of performance 1374-CPR-105-SVZ in compliance with CPR 305/2011/EC and EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012/AC:2012


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