General remarks

General remarks

DELTABLOC® is a modern vehicle restraint system consisting of prefabricated concrete elements and contributes to a remarkable minimisation of accident consequences on roads. It combines optimal safety with  highest economic efficiency.

Functions of a restraint system

  • Protection of vehicles from breaking through the vehicle restraint system in case of impact
  • Protection of occupants by minimisation of impacting forces
  • Protection of third parties from caroming vehicles after crashes


The great variety of demands on restraint systems contains the following points:

  • Short construction periods minimize the influence on traffic flow
  • Resistance to small and medium impacts
  • Simple exchange of damaged elements after serious accidents
  • Very low maintenance costs

The unique product range offers various systems with a precisely defined focus. In addition to highest possible safety there is also given a beneficial proportion between investment- and maintenance costs.


DELTABLOC® systems are basically divided into the following categories:



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