General remarks

Temporary Safety Barriers


Main area of use for temporary safety barriers are construction sites where only small system widths are acceptable.

SB 50 is used mainly for diverting traffic flows and separating traffic lanes on motorways. Because of the small system width of only 32cm and the minimum working width, this system is the system of choice in situations where space is an issue.

DB 65S is intended to secure construction sites and to divert traffic flows. Due to the small system width of only 39cm, the DB 65S is the prime choice for the separation of traffic lanes. During the development of the system, special attention was paid to a high degree of restraint safety with a low working width and short installation times.

DB 80 is a modern vehicle restraint system with the New Jersey profile. This and the end-to-end tension bar together prevent the breakthrough of vehicles in the case of an impact. The range of applications is especially wide for the DB 80, starting with temporary safety barriers for construction sites through to permanent double-row security systems on the central reservation of motorways.

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