General remarks

New Jersey Profile

Most of the DELTABLOC® systems are based on the "New Jersey Profile”. It was developed near New Jersey, USA, in the late fifties. Since that time the form has been known as the New Jersey Profile and has been used world-wide. It turned out that due to the New Jersey Profile there is a remarkable lower risk of vehicle overturn.

Baffle plate

The majority of all impacts on restraint systems occur at a plane angle of up to 12°. Due to the baffle plate of the New Jersey Profile the vehicle is directed back onto the carriageway – a direct contact between the vehicle and the concrete element is mostly avoided.

Repellent plate

In case of serious impacts at high speeds and big impact angles, the repellent plate prevents breakthrough of vehicles in combination with the continuous tension bar with greatest possible safety.


The base is necessary for constructive reasons and serves as both a base area and a catchment for diagonal draining.

Water drainage

These openings conduce to lateral drainage of surface water and thus enable an arrangement of the rainwater in feeds also behind the vehicle restraint system.

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