General remarks

Fast installation - short construction periods

Regardless of the DELTABLOC® system, the mounting of each DELTABLOC® element works basically the same and is divided into following steps:

Contact surface

The contact surface must be even and able to bear the appropriate load. Depending on the application and system, the elements are placed on the road surface, on compacted grader material, in an asphalt recess or on a bridge cap.

Most systems are just loosely placed on the ground, only the front and terminal constructions are anchored in the subsurface. In some systems also individual elements are anchored, glued or supported by an abutment.

Delivery of elements to construction sites

Articulated lorries deliver elements to construction sites. Depending on the system, by up to 20 elements can be delivered per lorry.


Depending on the mounting team and available space, the DELTABLOC® elements are displaced either with a crane or with a fork lift.

Insertion of the coupling

In order to connect DELTABLOC® elements to one solid element chain, hot dip galvanised steel couplings are used. After Installing the couplings the force fit interconnection of the elements is guaranteed - the restraint system is ready for use.

Complete protection

Depending on the system, an installation team is able to install by up to 2300m per working day. Due to fast installation a detraction of traffic flow can be minimised.

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