General remarks

Fabrication with quality

The uppermost objective of the development of our products is the increase of safety on roads. A further goal is to achieve the aim mentioned above by acting economically and by using high-quality products.
The DELTABLOC® elements are produced in factories for prefabricated concretes and are dispatched to construction sites in prefabricated condition. This production method features essential advantages: on the one hand the supervision, the control and the quality assurance of the elements are simpler and more thorough. On the other hand the conditions of production remain the same all-year. Thus the negative influence of the weather and the temperature on the fresh concrete is avoided.


Prime quality concretes are basically used in order to fulfil certain demands such as high strength, frost resistance and short curing periods.
After production, the elements are stored temporarily on the works premises - the concrete carries on hardening and reaches its final strength.


Further processing

Depending on the desired embodiment, attached parts such as reflectors, road sign fixtures, fences etc. can be affixed.


DELTABLOC® element

DELTABLOC® elements are ready for mounting after complete curing and detailed quality control.


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