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Experience generates Safety

MABA, an Austrian producer of precast concrete elements began developing precast safety barriers in 1985. In 1993, after mastering the draft of the European Standard EN 1317 Part 1 and 2, the first impact tests were performed with manned vehicles and since 1994 with crash test dummies in remote controlled vehicles.


In 2000, DELTA BLOC Europa GmbH was founded as an independent company. The expansion of the distribution to the neighboring country of Germany succeeded with the help of local partners. By as early as 2002, seven partners were manufacturing the modern, continuously improved DELTABLOC® vehicle restraint systems.

Today, the DELTA BLOC International GmbH is one of the leading developers and licensors of precast vehicle restraint systems world-wide that are tested according to EN 1317. More than 30 patents, utility models and development know-how from more than 150 full-scale-crash-tests at respected testing institutions have made DELTABLOC® concrete safety barriers recognized international high-tech products. In 2009, DELTABLOC® is being distributed in more than 30 countries through 35 partners, thus providing a significant world-wide contribution to traffic safety on roads.


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